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About Us

inkwell&pixel was built to maintain branding integrity across all marketing channels and media. As we service local, national, and international brands we see a need to manage your message to ensure it is cohesive to your target market. We are inkwell&pixel, print and digital solutions.
Our past growth comes from the passion our clients see in our work and our future growth will come from our vision for a better world. As we move in this new direction, we focus on serving the craft and organic beverages and food market. These are the foods and beverages that inspire us to be better and earn our support. We will also focus on social and environmental responsibilities. Increasing sales of such healthy foods will build a healthier community and begin to improve in the ways we can give back to our communities. We also believe that we have a duty to inform our clients to make environmentally sustainable print and packaging options when they are available. By keeping our focus on our vision, to build stronger, healthier communities, we will help build a world that will continue to inspire.

We Build:
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Build stronger communities through visual communication.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

We would love to hear from you, email us at or call us, at 412-440-8449 today to see how we can help your design or production needs.